Why Your Instagram Account Is Not Growing

how to grow more followers on instagram

Hey there guys, I’m back again with some more tips on growing your business using Instagram. Instagram is a huge platform which can help your business grow, however, gaining growth on Instagram has become harder to do throughout the years with the rise of the apps popularity. More and more people and businesses are focusing on Instagram to drive sales and build relationships with new and loyal consumers

If you feel that your account is stagnant and is not growing beyond a specific point then there are certain strategies that you can adopt in order for it to emerge and evolve and get to a point of prominence and growth.

There are different growing strategies to implement into your Instagram account, I’ve discussed some of the main ways to grow you might find helpful below, hopefully they will shine some light on utilising Instagram to be more effective for your business.

You don’t have a content schedule:

First things first, you don’t schedule your activities!

What is Instagram all about? It’s about sharing all the stuff you do in your everyday life and let people know about it and make those people get involved in your life/business. Now, what most people do is upload stories and posts but in an irregular fashion. Now the answer to this problem lies in consistency. Yes if you are consistent and schedule your tasks and let your followers know about your upcoming tasks and events then they will tend to be more active towards your account.

You don’t look at your insights:

Now if you look at the word insight in the Instagram dictionary, it means looking at the statistics of your posts, how many people are following your content, who is liking it, how many people saw your stories etc. etc. if you don’t look at your insights, you will never be able to know how to make improvements and reflect on what is working and what isn’t. For example, reflecting on best time to post or if a certain type of content is getting better engagement than other content you post. If you are busy in posting stuff without even keeping a track of things, you won’t really know what your followers are liking. Do you realise what this might result in? Disaster! Boom… People will lose interest and this will result in less engagement, reach and even slow down brand growth. The point is to just keep a track of everything, analyse your data so you can make improvements to best grow your Instagram page.

Your content lacks value:

One of the many reasons your account might not be growing is that the content you are posting is irrelevant and not useful to your audience. For example, if you have an account to showcase your freelance makeup work, it would require you to upload your makeup looks, and heavily focus around makeup. But instead, if you are posting cute dog or what you had for lunch, then it’s not serving your ideal audience and can become confusing on the audience you are trying to attract. A good way to showcase more of your personal life could be the use of Instagram stories is one easy example. So the solution is, try to be precise and to the point with as much relevance as possible when it comes to the content you post. Produce content with your ideal client in mind – does this serve them and does it fit with your branding?

You don’t ask for feedback or make changes:

What most people do is post… post, post, and some more posting. Now, this gets very irritating for many people when they see the same content over and over again and almost starts looking spammy. Just posting stuff and not asking for feedback gives you no room to grow and improve your brand. Adopt ways in involving people in your account, you know right what not interacting with your followers mean?. Talk to them, ask for feedback, reply to their comments, be positive and listen to what your audience wants. It’s important to change your mindset and remember you are posting to reach new clients and build new relationships which stregthen your business. Asking questions, doing polls on Instagram stories allows you to stay relevant but also shows that you care about your followers.

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You worry only about likes and followers:

You can have 10,000 followers but if none of them are buying from you, then it’s not serving your business any real purpose. Focus more on building relationships and being active in your community. As a business; 100 loyal followers who value your knowledge, opinion and overall want to support your business is far more important than having 10k who have no interest in ever buying from you. So in my opinion, post content that serves people and that inspires, become a source of information for people, give positive messages and be useful and informative. Become an engaging account within your niche and people will start valuing what you do allowing you to start building loyal relations with your followers which is the most important thing.

You don’t track key metrics such as reach and engagement:

Making an Instagram account, posting your content and not getting involved with your followers? Probably the worst idea. Try to be interactive, talk to your followers via replying to their comments and commenting on their posts. When you get a good amount of followers, use stories to thank people. People buy from people, so allow yourself to be part of your brand. Show up, be authentic and allow yourself to connect and even make real connections with your audience. Be nice to your followers, talk to them, reply to their comments and grow your engagement. Try to reach to every corner, out of the premises of specific group… think globally. Be generic and don’t be biased, it’s really going to help. So keep a track of each and every post and follow back followers and accounts which you enjoy, show your love and your Instagram account will soon grow in followers.

You only recycle others content or re-post content:

Pick up someone’s work and write your name under it, what’s your effort in it? Why are you taking all the credit? There are a lot of people that I have seen who just copy stuff without giving credit. What good is your account if you are posting the stuff which some other person has already posted? Never post other peoples content without giving credit, this can do serious harm for your brands credibility and could easily turn people against your whole business.

Overall, to grow your Instagram account it’s about knowing your audience, producing content with them in mind and simply spend time engaging and building that connections within your community. I really hope this helps if you’re finding yourself and your Instagram account coming to a halt.


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