How to get started as a Freelancer

getting started as a freelancer

Are you a qualified makeup artist or a creative and want to start off your own business? Or you want to bring your artistic skills to use by starting off as a freelancer? You are exactly on the right track, all you have to do is to put together your passion and hard work, aesthetic sense and artistic taste and bring them to use through your downright dedication and utmost devotion. These magical ingredients will not only take you on the roads of success but will also take you to the new highs of achievements and absolute pinnacles of accomplishment.

This blog will give you some easy tips on how to get started as a freelancer and reach the horizons of success.

Start with a tiny project and start now.

Making and selling things is quite hard. You can’t just show up and win; you need to ramp up slowly.”

Justin Jackson

From training to practising more often and adopting new trends while remaining up-to-date and adopting different marketing techniques is what will lead you through. Freelancers have to adopt multiple techniques in order to cope with the fast pacing world. Here are some tips to help new freelancers in getting the grip of it and marketing techniques on earning freely and independently.

Benefit from the social media platform

No matter what field you are entering, social media is a great marketing tool to inform people of your business. It is the easiest and most convenient way of spreading around the word. The new digital age has us blessed with the enchanting social media which enables us to post fun stuff while also promoting ourselves at the same time. As a freelancer, social media is the best tool to get people to know you and your freelance business.

Be consistent on social media

Take proper advantage of social media by being more consistent. Post something on a daily basis or on every alternate day this will act as a reinforcing force in reminding your clients/followers about your business. So the next time they need your services you will be in their mind to look forward to. This will also pave way for new followers while Instagram’s algorithm also favours accounts who post more often and keep their followers engaged.

Remember, work comes first!

If a client messages you for work but you’ve got some prior commitment, remember to prioritize your work. This is the time where you can make a strong base of clients. Getting started as a freelancer needs a lot of time and hard work. The clients can also refer you to their friends so always try to maintain a strong and positive relationship with your clients.

Priorities your clients

Know that your business is running only because of your clients so always go an extra mile for them and reach out to them for feedback while not being too pushy. Do extras for them and offer something complementary, repurposing previous clients is a great marketing strategy which can be done through offering discounts, email marketing and through social media.

freelancing full timeAlways keep learning

Learning is a lifelong process. So keep expanding your horizons by learning something new each day. Go to seminars, attend workshops, watch tutorials, take up courses, this will give you a chance to learn and apply the latest techniques and make you the best in your field. This means continually learning and growing in your skills. How to write more proficiently? If you are a content writer. Or how to be more creative while being a graphic designer. How to contour nose depending on every face cut if you are a makeup artist and so on and so forth. Every field has its own specifics so if you learn to get a grip on every aspect of it you will be a big hit in no time. But remember that only your persistence and consistency will be a driving force in take you a long way.

Set the right price

Research the market and see what your competitors are charging. Prices too high or too low might affect your clientele. High prices might scare them off and low prices might undervalue your work. Only after researching your market thoroughly, set the prices that are just right while always keep a room for negotiation.

Build a portfolio website

As mentioned above, powerful online presence means stronger freelance business. As the first impression is the last impression so will the portfolio on your website act as one. It will reflect your style, your work and past clients you’ve worked with. It will communicate your speciality and display examples of your work as well as highlight your relevant skills. Keep updating your website with the latest work and new clients, to show off your evolution process. This will help gather more and more clients.

Communicate your strengths correctly

If you are good at crafts or drafting a perfect piece of writing but are unable to communicate properly then you are at a loss. Your proposal that goes out to your client is your first impression so try to make it sound more professional, convincing and tactical. Sell your strengths, be relevant and attach relevant sample work, use an appealing layout for your proposal. Once you are confident about your proposal you will be sure about getting back a positive response. Just use the right tactics and stay relevant that’s all you need to do to pitch the project.

Freelancing can be done practically in any and all fields from tutoring to graphic designing, software development, accounting, marketing, writing, makeup artistry and so much more. The internet has certainly made freelancing a lot more easier owing to its ease of use, the convenience of reach and simplified marketing techniques. So, adopt the above-mentioned tips in starting off from scratch, it certainly will take you a long way.

Do what you love, and do it with all your heart and mind… you will be amazed at how rewarding it can be.


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