How to get clients as a Freelancer

getting clients as a freelancer

Ready to be a freelancer?

Buckle up to be a good one!

Have you stepped into the wonderful world of freelancing and now want to expand your client base? While freelancing is a real tough nut to crack it’s only with the right passion and correct flair that you can get the desired results of an exciting and rewarding career. By pitching the potential clients in an accurate manner can your business flourish by leaps and bounds.

Freelancing has become increasingly popular in recent years. According to the latest data by LSF “there are an estimated 1.91 million freelance workers in the UK. This figure comprises 1.65m working freelance in main jobs and a further 255,000 working freelance in second jobs; 13 per cent of all freelancers work freelance in a second job.

This shows a huge number of people are opting for freelancing owing to its relaxed hours and the ability to work on one’s own convenience.

But how to get more and more clients in a short span of time? It is only by having a marketing strategy, building a strong portfolio and getting social can you achieve the desired results of getting clients. This blog will guide you in how to get clients for your newly established freelancing business.

If you are a freelance makeup artist, content writer, graphic designer etc then pitching the right client can take you to the heights of success. How? Let’s have a glance down the guide.


freelance business

Market yourself

Being a freelancer means doing all the things on your own from building your profile to updating it, bidding for jobs, writing creative and relevant proposals, invoicing and communicating properly. This multitasking will take you a long way as it makes you get used to doing a variety of tasks at the same time. This multitasking also involves marketing yourself. Which is probably the most difficult task but on the other hand very rewarding as well. It requires you to be creative and adopt different methods in promoting yourself. Use different mediums and most importantly social media in increasing your client base-ship. Due to being a one person business it’s important to have a clear marketing strategy in place so you don’t find yourself wasting precious time. If you find yourself confused with marketing then maybe it’s time to invest in coaching so you can market your business and gain new clients with ease. Check out how we can work together so you have all the tools and knowledge needed to market your freelance business.

Be more visible to your target market

Firstly, it’s so important to clearly know your target audience. Where can you find your audience? There is no point in you spending time growing a following on Twitter if your brand is visual based. Research the best platform to be on rather than trying to be on every social media network as you might just end up burning yourself out. Use social media as part of your marketing tool to gain clients but do not rely on social media to gain clients as you might start neglecting other marketing tools to gain clients.

Make an account on the few social media accounts you’ve chosen such as Instagram, or a Facebook page and likewise start being visible and credible to your target market. By making fun and appealing stories you can attract the attention of masses while in the process also keep posting about your business more often to let people know about what you do. By posting more often can you be more visible to your potential clients. Paired with a in-depth marketing strategy you’ll be unstoppable!

Build a strong relationship with clients

Socialising works not only in daily life but in freelancing as well. Keep a follow up with your clients and try building a solid relationship with them. By doing this the clients are more likely to keep coming back to you. Be confident and convincing to clients in order for them to entrust you with their work time and again. Make sure to convince them that you offer unique and high-quality services as opposed to your competitors by showing them your portfolio. Get in touch from time to time and remind your clients if they have any availability of work and that you’d love to help them out with anything.


Networking is equally essential both in-person and online. Attend events and workshops and make connections by introducing yourself and handing out your business cards. For online networking write blogs, comment on other’s blogs, and write guest posts. Doing this will make your online presence more visible and more people will get back to your site which in itself is the easiest way to get more traffic.

Email your clients every once in a while

Sending out emails to your potential clients every week or bi-weekly can give you a considerable turnaround. The email should be relevant and must carry your introduction, the services you are offering and your past work samples. It shouldn’t be too lengthy or pushy it should be concise and to the point.

Have a website of your own

Having a website will give the clients something to look up to whilst being an amazing tool to gain organic traffic through SEO. They can view your portfolio and past work along with the testimonials. Try and make your website search engine optimised so that you appear more in search results, spend time analysing keywords. Think about the content your target audience would be typing into on Google? Remember, you want to be where they are. The content should be unique and must carry focus keywords. And don’t just rely on existing content rather create fresh content which would add relevancy to your website. Also, your website should be visually appealing and easy to use so that more and more clients visit your site and you get more and more orders consequently.

Spread by word of mouth

Make sure to inform your close friends and family about your freelance business. It is considered as the most effective form of marketing. Once the people around you know about your freelance business they can help spread the word. Items recommended by close friends and family tend to have more weightage and people prefer buying such items.

Though it’s easier said than done but all the effort is worth the try. Try all modes and never take any step for granted and you will be sure to enjoy the fruits of it afterwards.

As Peter Diamandis would say;

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”


So be the creator of your own future and paint the canvas of your life with creativity and beautiful colours. All you need is to have strong will power and utmost dedication only then can you truly touch the epitome of success. And remain to be consistent in your struggles and hard work, that is the only key to success and achievements.

If you need any further guidance don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be more than happier to be there for you or check out my coaching courses so we can work together on digital marketing to grow your freelance business.

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