How to beat the 2019 Instagram Algorithm?

How to beat the 2019 Instagram Algorithm

Over the years Instagram has changed its algorithm for different purposes and this time in 2019 the main purpose is to make users spend more time on Instagram. Now, what benefits Instagram by this? When users stay on Instagram for longer, it results in more ad viewers which ultimately leads to Instagram earning more money from people spending more on ads.

Here are some tips and tricks to tackle the new algorithm so you can carry on using Instagram to grow your business:

Content Is Key:

Uploading original and great content is a good way to attract keep your followers engaged, and since the algorithm is designed in a way that when users are interacting with your posts it picks up your post and places it in a good position among other top feeds to improve your feed reach and impressions. Meaning when creating content, keep in mind how can you get your followers to interact and engage with your content? The more engagement on the post (either through likes, comments, saves, profile checks, or DM’s) means Instagram will be more inclined to show your post to more of your followers equalling higher reach.

Start Using Instagram IGTV:

With the updates, Instagram got this amazing feature known as IGTV, meaning you can create videos which are longer than 1 minute whilst still posting a 1 minute snippet on your feed. How does this benefit? According to the survey, there are around 500 million people active each day and trust me that’s a lot and among those 500 million users, 153 million users are starting to involve IGTV videos into their Instagram content. Now, these IGTV videos are discoverable and if you are not following someone, you can see it too on the explore page and recommended IGTV videos after watching one. Another amazing feature which has recently launched is the impact of uploading your IGTV video onto your feed to draw more of your followers to go and watch it (again, focusing on the engagement and reach).

Instagram IGTV

Upload more and more videos:

The more the videos, the greater the attention. How? The answer is the auto play feature. Yes, with this feature the videos in the feed are played automatically and it grabs attention. According to a survey, engagement numbers for videos are growing at a faster rate than photos. Photos can’t share everything while the video can give each and every minor detail.

Not just the traditional videos, IGTV, Instagram Live, and Instagram Story are some other features of Instagram which are all seeing an increase in reach and engagement. Instagram started as a static app but now Instagram is becoming more dynamic and videos seem to perform better either because it’s eye-catching or harder to miss when something is moving on your screen.

Engage Followers:

Engaging followers is very important on Instagram for users and Instagram both. That’s because the new algorithm is designed for the people who can stay on Instagram for a longer period of time. This benefits Instagram and in return, it benefits its users. Now to engage you can do different things such as:
• When you post something, engage with your followers by commenting back within the hour, this helps build a real-time relationship with your followers as well as your post will be boosted by Instagram due to showing that you are being active on the app.
• Asking questions from your followers will get them engaged with you hence spending more time on Instagram.
• GIVEAWAYS, yes it’s a great way to get the attention of people. Creating a contest and then announcing some reward for the person who wins the contest is one of the best strategies someone can use to improve engagement and reach.
• Talk to your followers, reply to their DM’s and comments. It will build authentic relationships and your posts shall start showing up on their feed when you post.

Instagram updates

Post on Time:

The days are gone when you had to post at ‘peak time’. Instagram doesn’t work on a timing algorithm anymore. Focus on posting when you know you can spend time after posting to engage with people are taking action either by liking your post, commenting or sharing. Reply back to the comments you are receiving etc as this will maximise your posts reach and impressions.

Post often:

When you post something new, upload it very carefully as there’s a chance that if you edit your post by editing its caption or the location tag within the first 24 hours, reach seems to be affected. Posting often is a great idea to know what users want to see more and getting momentum on your feed. Once you get to know the interest of people then you can go back to creating a great content strategy. Posting often doesn’t mean post anything, post high-quality content whether it is a photo or a video, it should be eye-catching and loved by your followers. You can always use your stories to ask your followers to complete a poll with what they want to see from you (again engaging, and using Instagram features).

Now Instagram has its own way of handling things so it just shows your posts to only 10% of your followers. So start sharing twice per day and your posts will be showed to 20% of your followers, sounds amazing right. And a point to be kept in mind is that avoid deleting your posts and reposting them because if you do so, there’s a chance that your post will get fried.


Hashtags can help you gain new followers as well as it can make your account grow with more engagement on your posts. Using up to 30 hashtags is considered best but sometimes Instagram thinks it’s spam so switch up your hashtags and tailor them towards your post so Instagram doesn’t assume you are a robot posting.

Using more hashtags can be beneficial as people can find your page through the use of relevant hashtags which hopefully leads in you receiving a new follower and maybe even form a friendship!



So I hope this has been helpful for you understanding how to tackle the Instagram strategy and make it beneficial for your account. Just take in mind these points and see how your Instagram account grows. Success doesn’t come overnight, so if you want to gain some serious benefit from Instagram, you have to put in a lot of efforts and stay consistent.

Remember, it’s a give and take platform. Benefit Instagram and they will do the same for you.


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