The things you do on Instagram could actually lead you to a life of loving your job, reigniting your passion for makeup, making insanely good money, being able to take more time off, and ultimately, creating the life you want.

You need a way to grow your business, but instead you’re…


♥  You want to grow your following and get more bookings, but just don’t know exactly how to do that or you’re unsure of where to start.

♥  You’ve tried using Instagram to promote your work, but nothing seems to be working for you.

♥  You aren’t getting new clients and you’re ready to throw in the towel and give up on Instagram.


♥  You’re stressed out, burnt out, and not making enough money.

♥  You wish you could walk into the workplace everyday feeling excited to do makeup, hair or beauty, but lately, you’ve been feeling bummed out about your job and not excited at all.


♥  You’re spending hours a day on Instagram and just feel like it’s going no where.

♥  You’re overwhelmed with all there is to do with Instagram; from when to post, to how to take pictures, how to write engaging captions, how to attract real followers and turn them into actual clients, etc.

♥  You see other successful freelancers killing it on Instagram, but haven’t found that secret for your business yet and you wonder what you are doing wrong,

No matter what, you know you NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE because what you’re currently doing is not working.

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back and I’m going to help you!

bridal makeup


♥  You had your dream clients reaching out months in advance to be booked up with you.

♥  You only said yes to doing the services you loved and no to everything else.

♥  Waking up everyday, simply doing what you love.

And making amazing money…


What is Instagram Kickstarter?

Instagram Kickstarter is an online video program which gets updated regularly with latest videos, advice, resources that teaches makeup artists and beauty creatives exactly how to share what they do on Instagram so that they can attract more of the right kind of clients which leads to loving their job and making more money!

becoming a makeup artist

♥  Unlike other “social media” classes you’ve taken, Instagram Kickstarter was created by a makeup artist/beauty creative specifically for freelance makeup artists and beauty creatives! No one else is teaching Instagram like this! Having walked in the shoes as a makeup artist and growing a business doing makeup through Instagram marketing, I am going to walk you through step by step everything you need to know about how to best utilise Instagram to actually grow your business.

♥  Since growing an audience on Instagram in the last 3 years I have learnt a lot during my time. I am teaching the strategies that have taken me years of trial and error to figure out and I don’t hold anything back. I share everything that works (and doesn’t) work with you, saving you time and wasted effort so you can straight away implement changes which work for you.

♥  Plus you get lifetime access to the program, so you can go back and watch the videos over and over again AND you get any updates I make to the program for FREE! You’ll always be up to date with the latest strategies that are working for Instagram at the moment!

♥  I’m basically like your new social media strategist and you’re handing all the research and hard stuff over to me! It’s my job to know what’s working with Instagram and I always keep my students the most up to date! If something is working in my business or with my page, you’ll be the first to know!

What’s included in the Instagram Kickstarter program?

Inside Instagram Kickstarter

♥  Instant + Lifetime access which means you can log in and get started right away or take your time. No renewal fees, once you’re in, you’re in for life!

♥  A range of videos and materials to keep you on task and organised no matter how you learn.

♥  Always around which means you are never alone! I’m always on Instagram so you can easily send me a DM with any questions and I’ll be ready to encourage you + cheer you on!

♥  Free updates and upgrades I make to the program, which means you’ll always be up to date with the latest strategies that are working for Instagram in the moment without you worrying about missing out on changes.

how to grow in Instagram
Becoming a makeup artist

Module 1: Audience

Getting really clear with whom your dream client is and making them fall in love with you and your services.

1.1 The Ultimate Goal: How to use Instagram to do what you love full time.

1.2 Dream Clients: Who are you talking to? Become the customer.

1.3 Specialty: Standing out from the crowd, having a niche in your industry.

Module 2: Content

I’m sharing how to take breathtakingly beautiful photos and videos that show off your brand and make your dream clients want to book with you immediately! Learn everything you need to know about creating visuals that attract your dream client. Plus all my little tips and tricks I’ve learnt on the way!

2.1 Instagram visual overview and apps to help with growth.

2.2 Basic Page Elements: Setting your page up for success.

2.3 The bigger picture: Understand the key areas of creating a strong brand image.

2.4 Reflect and analysis: Evaluating content using data to make improvements.

Module 3: Hashtags

Good old hashtags, lets get really clear on what are hashtags, where to use them and how to use them to benefit your business.

3.1 Hashtag Marketing breakdown: Understand how to use hashtags as a business

3.2 How hashtags can find your dream clients simply and effectively.

3.3 Location tagging: How to saturate your location based business to reach the right people.

Module 4: Growth and Engagement Strategies

I’m going to walk you through how to gain a ton of clients and build up your page with tons of dream followers! Don’t worry, the tactics I’m going to show you are how to maintain your page in under 30 minutes a day which will help you feel way more organised, less stressed, and keep you consistently posting without having to think about it! 

4.1 Growing Your Page: How to grow authentically

4.2 The Customer Lifecycle: How to turn followers into paying clients.

4.3 Posting Times: All your questions about posting on Instagram.

4.4 Captions: How to write captions that capture + connect + convert your audience.

4.5 Showing up: Keeping your followers engaged with your content and building real relationships.

full time makeup artist

Instagram Kickstarter is all about…

Attracting more dream clients who you love (and they love you back).

Making more money from being booked out and being able to raise your prices + charging your worth.

Having a business + life that brings you joy.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to level up and invest in your business!

Join Instagram Kickstarter!


How to become a makeup artist

​I joined Ryan’s course after following him on Instagram for sometime. I’ve been trying to use Instagram to promote my professional makeup artist business for over two years and found myself getting no where.

Completing this course, I’ve learnt so much regarding how to gain more followers on Instagram but most importantly how to find my cliental and convert them into paying clients. Highly recommend doing this course to anyone who is a makeup artist wanting to get more bookings!

Gaby Macias / MUA
using instagram to earn money

I’ve learnt so many new skills, and gained new insights into how to use Instagram as a makeup artist and has gotten my love for Instagram back.

It’s so good that you can come back and revisit the course whenever to refer back to, which has definitely helped me.

I have already seen some big improvements on my account and feels amazing knowing I know understand Instagram and how to market my makeup business on the app in a structured way.

Nikkie Klein / MUA