Taking the human approach to digital marketing working with Makeup freelancers and beauty businesses

My story

Before entering the world of marketing I was a freelance makeup artist and I found myself fighting to gain clients with no idea how I could actually do what I love full time. If I’m being 100% honest, I always thought being a freelancer was always going to just be a side hustle and nothing more.

I always had an interest in the power of social media so I decided to start learning about marketing and get a job in digital marketing, as well as developing my freelance career. Fast forward 5 years, I now teach digital marketing, as well as previously being a digital marketing manager. I have worked with a range of businesses giving me the skill set needed to help others succeed within their business.

During my time as a Digital Marketing Manger, I took the skills I learnt and started applying them to my own freelance business and before I knew it, I was getting more clients – my freelance business was growing!

I soon realised that having gained experience as a digital marketing manger and applying what I knew to my freelance business, I could help others do what they love full time!

The only reason why I was getting more clients as a freelancer was because I finally understood digital marketing for my brand. Digital Marketing is conveyed so complicated but it really doesn’t have to be.

Marketing is all about building human connections and being where your audience is. I understand how scary marketing can be (trust me, I was the same) but it can be simplified. That is why I choose to work with other makeup artists and creatives because I can 100% relate. It all comes down to gaining clarity and understanding how digital marketing can really help your business.

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My mission

I’m a stronger believer that digital marketing is all about the human connection, using content that truly connects with your audience.

 My goal is to help makeup artists and beauty businesses grow through the power of digital marketing and really connect with their core audience. I understand as a freelancer that maybe you enjoy implementing social media strategies or understand your audience but you’re just not sure what else you can do to attract more business. That is why I offer the services I do. 

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